Discover the Difference: Torrens Titled vs. Community Titled Homes 🏠

At Bradford Projects by Scott Salisbury, we offer a diverse range of home options to suit your needs. Understanding the difference between Torrens Titled and Community Titled can help you make an informed decision. Here’s a breakdown:

Torrens Titled: With a Torrens Title, you have the highest level of autonomy and independence. As the owner, you are fully responsible for the land, buildings, external fixtures gardens, driveways, and services like water, sewerage, electricity & gas (if applicable). A Torrens Title is often referred to as ‘Freehold,’ Torrens Title is highly desirable due to its flexibility and control.

 Community Titled: Community Titles can offer standalone dwellings and or townhouses but may have shared areas such as services (water meters/communal electrical boards), common driveways/access roads, gardens and sometimes boundary walls. Whilst you may be required to contribute to upkeep of these services, there is usually no need for sinking fund contributions or administration fees.  As a Community lot owner, you will pay for only the use of your own rates, water, and services along with a contribution towards common insurance and maintenance for shared areas, typically through a small quarterly or annual fee.  Community Titled properties can be managed by the owners themselves or a formal Community Corporation.  As part of any community scheme there may be certain rules determined, such as limitations on the number or type of pets allowed in the community or behaviours/rules around waste management to help protect all purchasers and to ensure the community functions to an acceptable standard.

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